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How To Distinguish The Quality Of Electronic Wires?

How To Distinguish The Quality Of Electronic Wires?

2020/05/19 16:45:24

The Wire Harness Manufacturer teaches you how to distinguish the quality of the electronic wire? The electronic wire is divided into three series: UL specification, 3C specification, and VDE specification. The AWG unit is usually the UL specification, and the square section is usually the 3C specification. Or VDE specifications, domestic electronic wire manufacturers mainly focus on the two specifications of 3C or UL.

When choosing, try to choose products that meet the requirements of the standard. Wire and cable are classified as nationally compulsory safety certification products in China. It is necessary for all production companies to obtain the "CCC" symbol certified by the China Electrical Products Commodity Certification Committee "CCC" certification symbol. Export commodities should pay attention to the UL regulations of the United States and the environmental protection RoHS request of the European Union. In terms of function and specification, it is really not a simple matter to choose the one you want from among hundreds of hundreds of electronic wires. But it is not difficult in terms of actual combat experience. It can be summarized in two steps. At the top of the list, learn from peers and learn the practices of peers. You can first launch the product. Continuously optimize the practice of peers to make your choice more suitable for your products regardless of cost, function and environmental requirements. Of course, you can also simplify the complex, directly consult our customer service, he will be willing to provide his professional opinion for you to choose.

Wire Harness

Wire Harness

The appearance of High Quality Electric Wire Harness is smooth and round, with even color. Wire and cable companies whose products meet the requirements of national regulations. In order to improve the quality of commodities and ensure that the commodities meet the requirements of the national standard, strict control is made in the purchase of original materials, production equipment, production technology and so on. Therefore, the appearance of the wire and cable products produced meets the requirements of the specifications: lubricated and round, and the color is uniform. The appearance of impersonation products is rough and dull. As for the rubber insulated flexible cable, it is required to have a round appearance, and the sheath, insulation and conductors are tight and not easy to peel off. The impersonated sub-commodities have a rough appearance, a large ellipticity, and a low insulation strength of the sheath, which can be torn off by hand.

The conductor is shiny, and the DC resistance, conductor construction scale, etc. meet the requirements of the national regulations. The wire and cable products that meet the requirements of the national regulations, whether they are aluminum data conductors or copper data conductors, are relatively bright and free of oil. Therefore, the DC resistance of the conductors fully complies with the national regulations and is outstanding.

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