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Precautions For Car Wiring Harness Layout

Precautions For Car Wiring Harness Layout

2020/04/16 18:16:12

With the continuous improvement of safety, comfort and environmental protection requirements of modern cars, the number of circuits and power consumption on the car has increased significantly, so that how to effectively arrange a large number of wiring harnesses in a limited car space has become a problem faced by the automobile manufacturing industry. problem. Wire Harness Manufacturer focus on the layout of automotive wiring harnesses, and give a brief introduction to the matters needing attention in the layout of automotive wiring harnesses.

The Automotive Wire Harness fixing point of the car is reasonable and reliable. According to the actual installation position of the wiring harness on the vehicle, in order to avoid the sagging and displacement of the wiring harness, the weight of the wiring harness, the fixing method and the convenience of the fixing position must be considered. Reasonable fixed point and fixed way to fix. Set fixed points according to the direction of the wiring harness and the specific shape of the car body. The distance between the two fixed points on the straight line distance without the fulcrum is generally not more than 300mm; one fixed point can be arranged at the position of the obtuse corner; The inflection point is avoided in the harness. Choose the type and size of the fixed buckle according to the shape and outer diameter of the harness, and meet the needs of bearing the weight of the harness. At the location of the connector connected to other wiring harnesses and electrical devices, at a suitable position not greater than 120 mm in front of the connector, consider setting a fixed point. Consider setting a fixed point on the trunk line at the location of the fulcrum, the distance between the fixed point and the fulcrum is not greater than 100mm. In the installation direction of the fixed buckle, there must be enough space to facilitate the installation and removal of the buckle.

Tidy appearance and bundled configuration. The wiring harness should be arranged along the edges and along the groove (the wiring groove designed on the car body) to avoid direct pressure on the wiring harness. The cable harness must not be exposed in the cab; at locations where the harness can be observed, such as: the cabin, set eye-catching attraction points or eye-catching colors. The wire harness installed here is not prominent and unobtrusive.

Automotive Wire Harness

Automotive Wire Harness

Arrangement in the direction of projection, arranged horizontally and vertically in a checkerboard style to avoid diagonal lines. The gap with the pipeline is uniform, and the gap with the surrounding parts is reasonable.

The wiring harness avoids interference with surrounding parts. Do not directly contact the sharp edges of the car body, one must leave a gap, and the second must add protection to prevent the sharp edges of the car body from damaging the outer insulation of the wiring harness, resulting in a short circuit accident. The actual length is reserved. This reserved length is determined according to the vibration amplitude of the component and the maximum movement stroke of the moving part. Ensure that the reserved length does not cause vibration to be transmitted on the wire harness, nor does the wire harness bear tension. Wiring harnesses subjected to vibration transmission or pulling force for a long time may cause virtual connection between the internal contacts / plug terminals of the harness. For example: the connection between the engine harness and the engine compartment harness. The gap between the moving parts should be greater than 25mm, such as the gap between the wires and connecting rods of the wiper motor. The distance from the exhaust manifold should be greater than 50mm. Do not use the same fixed points as fuel lines and brake lines.

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