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What Are The Basic Materials Of Automotive Wiring Harnesses?

What Are The Basic Materials Of Automotive Wiring Harnesses?

2020/01/18 11:00:03

The car wiring harness is the carrier of the components of the car circuit. Someone has made an image metaphor before. The car wiring harness is a blood vessel, the car engine is the heart, the heart beats because of the blood vessels, and the engine runs because of the wire harness. The importance of normal stability. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the common knowledge of the products and processes of car wiring harnesses. Wire Harness Manufacturer will give you a detailed introduction to the basic materials of automotive wiring harness.

Wiring harness refers to the components that are made of copper and are connected to the wire and cable by crimping the terminals of the touch parts (connectors) with plastic insulators or metal shells. In short, it is the wire connecting the car's electrical appliances. The operating conditions and parameters of the car are reflected on the on-board computer through the wiring harness. On the other hand, the electronic technical content of the car wiring harness has become an important goal in evaluating car functions.

Automotive Wire Harness

Automotive Wire Harness

1.Classification of Automotive Wire Harness

The car harness can be divided into two types: a main harness and a small harness. The main wiring harness includes engine wiring harness, center wiring harness, dashboard wiring harness, cockpit wiring harness, etc., while the small wiring harness includes door wiring harness, battery wiring harness, ABS brake wiring harness, etc. In addition, according to the voltage difference, car wiring harness can be divided into high-voltage wiring harness and low-voltage wiring harness. The biggest feature of high-voltage cables for cars is high-voltage and low-current, and high insulation requirements, so the insulation layer is often thicker and the core wire is thinner.

2. Production process of automotive wiring harness

The production process of car wiring harness mainly includes wire opening, crimping, pre-assembly, final assembly, etc. The primary data of the wiring harness is heat shrinkage data, which is an important insulation material in the car wiring harness. The proportion of domestic heat shrink materials used in car manufacturing is still very low, only about 20%.

3. Car wiring harness development trend

With the development of car electronics, economy, comfort and reliability will become more and more prominent, and the requirements on wiring harnesses will change dramatically. Domestic car wire harness shopping malls will gradually transform from low-cost strategic shopping malls to higher-tech cost-effective shopping malls. Car wiring harnesses are also being developed towards higher pressure, lighter weight, and standardization.

The above is the basic material of automotive wiring harness introduced by New Energy Car Wire Harness manufacturer. Hope to help everyone.