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How Should The Car Harness Be Replaced?

How Should The Car Harness Be Replaced?

2019/11/15 14:56:55

The Automotive Wire Harness is like the nervous system of the car. All the operation and signal transmission of the vehicle are realized by the wire harness. If the car wiring harness has a problem, the function of the vehicle will be affected. Under normal circumstances, the wire harness of the vehicle can be used until the vehicle. Scrap, basically no need to change, but for some special reasons, such as flooding and burning, the vehicle needs to be replaced.

Generally speaking, there are two main reasons for the change of the wiring harness of the car to the vehicle. One is the quality of the wire harness itself. If the quality of the harness after the replacement is not very good, there may be some problems in the process of using the car, such as the wire harness of the wire harness. If the current is not enough, or the plug is in poor contact, it will cause some problems. If the maintenance is troublesome at this time, it is necessary to ensure the quality of the harness itself.

New Energy Car Wire Harness

New Energy Car Wire Harness

Another problem is that it is difficult to restore the factory after disassembling the interior parts. Because the post-installation basically fails to meet the original factory standards, it is easy for the vehicle to have various abnormal sounds after maintenance, and it is necessary to find out the abnormal noise. The source is more difficult, so this is a more troublesome issue, and there is basically no problem other than these two.

So under what circumstances should the car harness be replaced? The Wire Harness Factory will come to tell you.

For harness aging, severe breakage, internal conductor shorts, or internal conductor short-circuit breaks, the harness must usually be replaced.

1. Check the harness quality check before wiring harness. In order to ensure the safety and reliability of the wire harness, it must be strictly controlled before use. It should be carefully checked to find that the defects must not be used, and the harm caused by the unqualified products is not allowed. Conditional, it is best to use the instrument to check.

The inspection contents include: whether the harness is damaged, whether the connector is deformed, whether the terminal is rusted, whether the connector itself, the harness and the connector are in poor contact, and whether the harness has a short circuit or an open circuit. The inspection of the wiring harness is essential.

2. Exclude all electrical equipment on the vehicle to replace the wiring harness.

3. Harness replacement procedure.

(1) Prepare the harness assembly and disassembly tool.

(2) Disassemble the battery of the faulty vehicle.

(3) Disconnect the connector of the powered device connected to the harness.

(4) Make a good job record throughout the process.

(5) Loosen the wire harness to fix it.

6) Remove the old harness and assemble the new harness.

4. Verify the correctness of the new harness connection. Whether the wiring harness connector is properly connected to the electrical equipment is to be confirmed first, and also to ensure that the positive and negative terminals of the battery are connected correctly.

During the inspection, you can temporarily disconnect the battery's ground wire and use the light bulb (12V, 20W) for the test light. Prior to this, the other electrical equipment on the vehicle should be turned off, and then connected between the negative pole of the battery and the ground end of the frame with a test light. When the circuit appears to have a problem, the test light begins to light up.

After the circuit is removed, remove the bulb and use a 30A fuse to connect between the battery negative and the grounded end of the frame. At this time, the engine should not be started, and the corresponding power supply devices on the vehicle should be connected one by one, and the relevant lines should be thoroughly checked one by one.

5. Power-on work inspection. If the electrical equipment and related lines are confirmed to be no problem, the fuse can be removed, and the battery ground wire can be connected for power-on inspection.

6. Check the wiring harness installation. Preferably, the harness installation should be checked to ensure that the harness is properly installed and the well is secure. This method is also applicable to New Energy Car Wire Harness.

The above is the method of replacing the car harness. Have you learned it?