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Under What Circumstances Should The Car Replace The Wiring Harness?

Under What Circumstances Should The Car Replace The Wiring Harness?

2020/06/04 18:37:02

Replacing a Automotive Wire Harness is a very tedious thing for us. I think most of the time, no one wants to replace the wiring harness. However, a car owner introduced by a friend on WeChat told me that the 4S shop asked him to replace the entire floor harness of the car. So, do we need to replace the harness? Let's discuss it together.

The owner's failure is described as follows: Cadillac ATs (2017 model)

Problem description: 1. During the driving process, the wrench is rolled into the tire and the harness is broken, and it cannot be driven again; 2. The plug-in is repaired, and the plug-in can be driven after the plug-in is re-connected (oil pump sensor), but it is not Go, engine fault light constant. For 4S shops, it is recommended that the vehicle owner replace the entire harness; non-4S shop repair masters: just replace the fuel pump sensor, no need to change the harness.

Judging from the faults read by the diagnostic instrument, that is, the oil level sensor circuit voltage is too high, the fuel pump control module requests the fault indicator light failure is not requested, and it can be preliminarily judged that the fuel pump sensor is damaged.

Combined with the pictures of the fault description, the connector of the oil pump sensor is seriously damaged. It is reasonable to think that the oil pump sensor itself is damaged and a short circuit occurs, causing the circuit voltage to be too high. Of course, you should also check whether the line is damaged in other parts, such as related insurance/butt plugs.

It is recommended to change the oil pump sensor first, and directly replace the entire wiring harness. The workload is too large, and it is terrible to think about the working hours and expenses. The removal of the root harness is basically equivalent to the removal of a car, which is easy to cause other problems. Personal opinion, unless the wiring harness is seriously aging and damaged, and the virtual connection/short circuit is not found, then consider replacing the wiring harness.

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