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What Are The Basic Principles Of Automotive Wiring Harness Design?

What Are The Basic Principles Of Automotive Wiring Harness Design?

2020/01/10 17:06:22

The car slowly walked into every home, but how much do you know about the "mobility tools" in your home? When it comes to cars, then the essential is the wiring harness. Today Wire Harness Manufacturer will talk about the knowledge about automotive wiring harnesses: the basic principles of automotive wiring harness design.

The automobile wiring harness is the main body of the car circuit. Without the wiring harness, there is no car circuit. With the improvement of people's requirements for the safety, comfort, economy and emissions of cars, there are more and more electrical equipment and functions on cars, so the wiring harnesses connecting various electrical equipment are becoming more and more complicated, which has become a failure of cars in this world Because of its frequent occurrence, it has received more and more attention in car planning and production.

Automotive Wire Harness

Automotive Wire Harness

How to improve the comprehensive performance of Automotive Wire Harness has become the focus of attention, and it has become an inevitable trend to increase joint development with car OEMs for preliminary development. The role of the wiring harness in the entire vehicle is to transmit or exchange the power signal or data signal of the electrical system to achieve the functions and requirements of the electrical system.

1. The function, electrical load and related special requirements of the vehicle's electrical system are provided by the electrical placement engineer. The state of the electrical equipment, the orientation of the device, and the way the wiring harness is connected to the electrical equipment.

2. According to the electrical functions and requirements, produce the electrical schematic diagram and wiring diagram of the vehicle.

3. According to the electrical principle circle, energy distribution is performed for each electrical subsystem and circuit, including the ground wire of the power supply and the distribution of ground points.

4. According to the distribution of electrical components of each subsystem, confirm the wiring method of the wiring harness, the electrical equipment connected to each wiring harness and the direction of the car; confirm the external maintenance method of the wiring harness and the maintenance of the vias; confirm the fuse according to the electrical load Or circuit breaker; recolor; confirm the type of terminal and sheath connected to the wiring harness according to the connector of the electrical equipment itself.

Although cars are not as sophisticated as space rockets, they are indeed closely related to people's daily lives. No one wants their beloved car to have problems in two days or two, so it is important to say that a good car harness. The above is the design principle of automotive wiring harness introduced by Golf Car Cable Assemblies Supplier. Hope to help everyone.