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The Wiring Harness Of The Whole Vehicle Is Generally Divided Into Several Stages?

The Wiring Harness Of The Whole Vehicle Is Generally Divided Into Several Stages?

2020/09/03 09:50:21

The wiring harness production process is quite different from other manufacturing processes. This article mainly analyzes the KSK modular production model of the vehicle wiring harness.

The whole vehicle wiring harness is generally divided into several stages: Sample, V-VFF, VFF, PVS, OS, to the final SOP, after the Sample stage, Flow-Chat, FMEA and CP are prepared, and then according to the size and branch direction of the drawing harness , Determine the size and layout of the tooling board, if it is a classic assembly line, especially consider the operability of the operation content above the employee, if it is an "H"-shaped board, pay attention to the middle distance and the maximum operating range of the employee. The most important thing in the early stage is the BOM. According to the BOM, you must be familiar with the types of materials and the composition of the complex connectors. The components of the wiring harness are more classified and more complex. Carefully check the drawings and the BOM issued by R&D, as well as the site of the Sample line Only by verification can the accuracy of BOM be ensured by multiple parties.

At the V-VFF and VFF stage, there is an overall process idea for the wiring harness, and all the signs on the site (materials, pre-installed wires, wire rack wires) must be laid out; the definition of the size of the material box; all the connector rework manuals; the site Quantity and specifications of material tables and pre-installed racks; purchase crimping molds, test modules, OGC, tooling white modules, fuse devices, camera systems; application parameters (stranded wire, ultrasonic); the project needs to determine whether to put in sleeve crimping or wire Next ultrasonic equipment. Secondly, the system should start to establish BOM, Routing, cutting list, KANBAN, pay attention to distinguish between semi-automatic and fully automatic, and the setting of card quantity (depending on each company, there are order pull and system pull).

After all the above preparations are roughly in place, it is necessary to have a preliminary work instruction at PVS. The work instructions for pre-installed Pre and final assembly of Ass are the key and difficult points in the entire wire harness production process. Because it is KSK modular production, the customer divides each function in the car into a module. The difficulty of the process is to be familiar with all the modules, analyze and decompose them, find the internal connections and mutual relations between them, and Consider the case of optional packages. The conclusion is that it is necessary to cover any of the customer's options in a work instruction. If there is a module association error, the order will not be printed and produced.

It is also difficult to divide the workload of Pre and Ass. The pre-installed beat is the key to ensure the normal flow of the assembly line. When dividing the stations, you must put everything you can do in the pre-installed operation. If the pre-installed can achieve 80% of the insertion The hole rate and the convenience of Ass operation indicate that the division of work stations is still good, and an excellent craftsman can achieve a hole rate of 85%. Once the pre-installation workload is reduced, the last pre-installation will be stacked, which will flow more workload to Ass and affect the offline output. The final assembly is divided into wiring, terminal insertion and encapsulation, and OGC testing. The first board is mainly wiring. The same board can be plugged in terminals and encapsulation at the same time without interference; the wiring tie should be concentrated in a few people as much as possible. It is not easy to make mistakes and reduces the time for refueling; the thread tie tail can be completed by one person. The work instruction can not be completed at one time. After trial in the OS stage, under the condition of ensuring that there is no system error, it is necessary to observe the actual operation on the spot and continuously summarize it. You can also find IE for support and find the bottleneck station. , Adjust the working position in time.

Finally, all the SOP for mass production is ready, and the unbalanced stations can also be slightly adjusted at the beginning of the climbing stage, so that each station and each station of the assembly line can be pre-installed to ensure that they are in the same cycle. All that is needed is According to the training instructions, train employees how to read the work instructions and some precautions. The assembly line is offline to the back, (some items are wired ultrasonic), and then the electrical test (for the airbag shell, the customer requires the first test to be pre-installed), the fuse installation and bracket installation, (screw), Camera system, full inspection, packing, packing, labeling, warehousing and shipping.

After mass production stabilizes, the project changes will be small, mainly PCN. Most projects will also have twice a year annual switching (KW02 and KW30). These two changes are generally large.

In the entire wire harness production process, the process department is a link between the previous and the next, from receiving drawings to analyzing and dissecting, working instructions and finally training employees. Because each wire harness has different scales and different technical contents, in addition to the above process, production efficiency must be considered when staffing, and it is necessary to move around the site frequently, continuously improve the process, reduce the amount of rework, and maximize the realization of zero defects and lean produce.

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