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The Installation Of Passenger Car Wiring Harnesses

2019/10/30 17:05:28

The Automotive Wire Harness is the main body of the car circuit, and there is no car circuit without the wire harness. The wire harness refers to a component in which a contact terminal (connector) made of a copper material is crimped to a wire and cable, and an external insulator or a metal case is externally molded, and the wire harness is bundled to form a connection circuit. The wire harness industry chain includes wire and cable, connectors, processing equipment, wire harness manufacturing and downstream applications. Wire harness applications are widely used in automotive, household appliances, computer and communication equipment, various electronic instrumentation, etc. The general shape is H-shaped. So how should we install the common passenger wire harness? The Wire Harness Manufacturer will come to tell you.

Automotive Wire Harness

Automotive Wire Harness

1. Basic requirements for wiring harness installation

On the basis of ensuring safety, firmness and beauty, the wiring harness of the whole vehicle should consider the rationality of the wiring and facilitate the maintenance of maintenance personnel. Harness installation should avoid heat sources, moving parts, and oil and gas pipelines. Harness installation and application of various line cards, cable ties, jackets and other fasteners to fix and protect, it is forbidden to bundle with the ties at the same place. The maximum tightening of the harness is 300 mm, and the harness main line must not be installed below the lower plane of the chassis frame. Leave the harness plug-in lead line no more than 500mm. Protective measures such as rubber rings and wire clamps are required at the wire harness crossing holes.

All wire harness connectors exposed outside the vehicle body shall be waterproof connectors. When the same docking connector is provided by different suppliers, it should be ensured that the docking plug-in is the docking model of the same manufacturer. During the production process, each workshop must protect the wiring harness before the vehicle is transferred to the next step to avoid damage. The installation of New Energy Car Wire Harness is no exception. During the welding operation, the cable on the computer board of the control unit (such as ECU, VCU, etc.) must be unplugged to avoid damage to the computer board.

2, wiring harness installation principle requirements

Due to the large number of chassis equipment of the passenger car, the wiring harness environment is complicated, and the wiring harness of the chassis needs to be refined. The installation requirements of the wiring harness of the chassis must meet the following requirements in the case of meeting the basic requirements for wiring harness installation.

The chassis trunk installation should be installed separately from the tubing and the air pipe. Under normal circumstances, the chassis harness is placed on the left side of the chassis, and the bracket on the left side of the chassis should be welded (such as the galvanized pipe with an outer diameter of 8); On the circuit, the oil circuit, the gas path can not be avoided together, the circuit, the gas path is on the top, the oil path is below, the minimum interval is not less than 50mm. The chassis harness trunks are not allowed to hang and must be fastened to a dedicated bracket with a maximum spacing of 300 mm. When the harness has large branch points, it must be fixed at the branch point. The chassis wire passes through the floor of the driving area, and a special rubber ring is applied to protect the wire harness. Before the final assembly is disconnected, the wire hole should be sealed to prevent dust from entering the compartment; when the chassis harness passes through the hole in the chassis A rubber sheath must be installed at the hole.

When the chassis harness is arranged, it is necessary to avoid the corners of the metal parts. When there is interference, it must be fixed with metal wire cards on both sides of the metal edges; take protective measures for the wire harness. The branch wire connecting the chassis harness to the engine requires a length of 60 mm-110 mm to prevent the wire harness from being broken due to engine vibration. The wiring harness arrangement in the engine compartment should be hidden as far as possible to avoid the heat source and moving parts. The wiring along the warehouse body should be straight (horizontal and vertical), and the wiring inside the engine compartment can be hidden from exposure. The special binding posts for the battery and generator grounding wire are used to prevent the direct grounding due to poor paint removal, resulting in poor grounding. Where the wiring harness is placed, it must be removed by paint removal.