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The Importance Of Automotive Wiring Harnesses

The Importance Of Automotive Wiring Harnesses

2019/12/06 14:59:33

In this era when cars are almost as common as mobile phones, people are increasingly demanding cars, and performance is usually an important standard for people to measure a car. The performance indicators usually used to evaluate cars are: power , fuel economy, braking, handling stability, ride comfort and passability. From this point, it can be seen that dynamics is a factor that people prioritize. No matter how good the performance is, if the connected harness is badly designed or the connected harness is out of order, the results can be imagined. details make a difference.

Electric Wire Harness, as one of the important components of a car, is equivalent to the transmission nerve of a car. It has the function of controlling the signal of the car and directly affects the quality and performance of a car. Therefore, in addition to meeting the basic performance requirements of the automobile, the design of the wiring harness also requires extremely high quality of the wiring harness itself. The manufacturing of wire harnesses involves a wide range, many requirements, and tedious processes. Therefore, how to manufacture wire harnesses with high quality and high efficiency is a question worthy of study.

Automotive Wire Harness

After years of research on the application of automotive electronic equipment technology, the development of autonomous driving, electronic maps, and motorized systems has been successfully developed. These technologies are announcing the emergence of intelligent cars. Nowadays, intelligent cars have entered ordinary families, and their popularity and depth have been promoted and developed. As an important part of the automobile, automotive wiring harnesses and automotive connectors have also developed, closely following the pace of automotive electronics technology development.

Automotive Wire Harness is an important component that connects various electrical appliances and electronic equipment in a car. It plays the role of transmitting electrical signals between electronic equipment and appliances. It is a carrier for electrical signal control of a car. It can be said that there is no car circuit without a wire harness. With the increasing demand for automobiles in modern society, the intelligence of automobiles has also increased, which has put forward higher requirements for automobile wiring harnesses. Matching with the automobile wire harness is a car connector. The function of the connector is a device for quickly connecting and blocking between the wire harnesses and between the wire harness and other electronic devices. With the development of automotive electronics technology and the development of Wire Harness Factory, higher requirements have been placed on connectors. Connectors must be more flexible and have higher insulation, which can provide better conditions for the conduction of wire harnesses. The improvement of automobile performance increases the reliability and safety of the automobile. As an important part of the automotive wiring harness, automotive connectors have become an important part of how to improve automotive performance and intelligence.

The ideal result of the design of the wiring harness is to be able to use short wires and suitable wire sections to ensure that all automotive electrical and electronic equipment can work properly. Therefore, there are strict requirements on many aspects such as wire material, quality, and conductivity. In addition to the material of the wire harness, the working ability of the wire harness involves external controllable factors such as the cross section of the wire. Therefore, not only the wire itself but also the specific operation and practice of the researcher must be considered when selecting the wire harness. The connector that plays the role of connection and connection is also extremely demanding. The friction and wear of the contact end of the connector can withstand the test of long-term work of the car. Materials that are easy to wear or have insufficient friction should be eliminated as soon as possible. The connector is composed of two parts, the base and the contact end, which is destined to be more complicated than the wiring harness.