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The Difference Between the Production Process of Automotive Wiring Harness and Ordinary Terminal Wiring Harness

2020/03/16 09:22:41

For those involved in the production of the automotive wiring harness industry, they must know the difference between the production process of automotive wiring harnesses and ordinary wiring harnesses, so those who have just come into contact with this industry may still not quite understand it. The following Wire Harness Factory will take you to understand the differences. 

1. Variety of raw materials

The materials required for general terminal wiring harnesses are only wires, terminals, plastic shells, and sometimes raw materials such as heat-shrinkable tubes and yellow wax pipes. Wait, in addition to the above mentioned materials such as bellows, black tape, terminal blocks, fuses and so on. At the same time, there must be some difficulties in processing and assembly.

Automobile wires and ordinary wires still have different terminal parts, so the purchase of their materials is also stricter than the purchase of ordinary wiring harness raw materials.

2. The processing procedure is complicated

The general terminal wire harness processing process is: cutting wire stripping-terminal crimping-sticking tin-piercing the shell and other processes. The automotive wiring harness production process can be seen from the complexity of its raw materials. The wiring harness branches are continuously processed and assembled to become the entire vehicle wiring harness.

3. Strength of Harness Manufacturers

Manufacturers of Automotive Wire Harness need manufacturers to be able to cooperate with each other in production. Can they respond quickly when customers urgently need the goods market to meet customer requirements? This requires testing the coordination ability and explosive power of manufacturers.

4. Technical personnel and R & D capabilities

When the automotive wiring harness is still in the proofing stage, it is necessary for the automotive wiring harness manufacturer and the automobile manufacturer to continuously conduct reconciliation tests until the requirements are met, and the engineering department and the automobile manufacturer need to continuously communicate. And the general terminal harness need not be so time-consuming and energy-consuming.

5. Certificate requirements

The system for manufacturing automotive wiring harnesses is roughly divided into two categories: divided by European and American countries, including China: the TS16949 system is used to control the manufacturing process; Japan is mainly: such as Toyota and Honda, they have their own systems to control the manufacturing process. There are many manufacturers of automotive wiring harnesses, and it is difficult for many purchasers to tell what to choose from, so TS16949 certification is a good method for screening. General terminal harness manufacturers have UL certification and ISO certification.

6. Quality Control The material requirements of automobile wiring harness production are also very strict: including its electrical properties, material emission, temperature resistance, etc., are higher than the general requirements of wiring harnesses, especially when it comes to safety: such as direction The wiring harnesses of the important components of the control system and brakes are more stringent. The general terminal wiring harness will definitely have quality control, but compared to the terminal wiring harness, the quality control of automobile wiring harness production must be stricter.