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Reasons For Burnt Out Of Automobile Wiring Harness And Maintenance Methods

Reasons For Burnt Out Of Automobile Wiring Harness And Maintenance Methods

2020/07/22 18:19:08

There is no protection device for the Automotive Wire Harness in use. If the electrical equipment fails, the temperature is too high, or the grounding condition occurs, the wiring harness will be burned out. Once the automobile wiring harness is burned out, the wiring harness will strike. The more complex the circuit is The greater the probability of wiring harness burnout in the circuit, so when designing the circuit, it is necessary to consider how to reduce the occurrence of wiring harness burnout, and how to check and repair the automobile wiring harness burnout.

We learned from the Wire Harness Manufacturer that there are three reasons for the burnout of the car wire harness:

1. Short circuit

Short circuit means that the current does not flow through the electrical appliance and is directly connected by a wire (called a closed loop), which is equivalent to directly connecting the two poles of the power supply. When the power supply is short-circuited, the current on the circuit is very large, which increases the temperature of the wire, which may cause spontaneous combustion in severe cases.

Automotive Wire Harness

Automotive Wire Harness

2. Overload

Overload means that the load of the line or component work exceeds the rated value, which causes the electrical current to be too large and the electrical equipment to heat up. Long-term overload of the line will reduce the insulation level of the line, short-circuit and even burn the equipment or line.

3. The influence of fuse and circuit matching

The selection of the fuse wire should match the wire diameter, and the position should be arranged reasonably, otherwise it will lose its due circuit protection.

High Quality Wire Harness burns are inevitable. What are the maintenance methods for automobile wiring harness burnout?

Remove the insulation layer of the burned wire harness, cut off both ends of the burned wire, and reconnect the burned part with the same specification and the same length of wire. The connection part must be wrapped with insulating tape.

After the wire harness is disassembled for maintenance or the wire is replaced, the wire harness should be re-wrapped. White gauze tape or plastic tape can be used for wrapping with a half-stacked and half-tied square wire harness pattern. After the wire harness is wrapped, it is impregnated with insulating paint or asphalt paint to increase the strength and insulation performance of the wire harness. The reconnected wire harness should be firm and reliable. To ensure vehicle performance and driving safety.

When wiring, divide the wire into two halves and twist them separately, then twist the two twisted wires together, bend them to be parallel to and close to the wires, and wrap them with insulating tape. If the harness is completely broken, it can be connected with a short wire. When connecting, the wire joints should be staggered with each other, and each joint should be wrapped with insulating tape, and finally the connected wires should be wrapped with insulating tape. When wiring, the length of the original wire harness should not be shortened. If there are many burnt wires, they should be cut one by one to prevent wrong connection, and then part of the wire is covered and tightened so that it is not obvious that it has been repaired.