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Precautions for Automotive Wiring Harness Layout

Precautions for Automotive Wiring Harness Layout

2020/02/29 08:44:52

With the continuous improvement of safety, comfort and environmental protection requirements of modern automobiles, the number of circuits and power consumption in automobiles have increased significantly, so how to make a large number of wiring harnesses more efficiently and reasonably arranged in a limited automotive space has become a problem facing the automotive industry. Today Golf Car Cable Assemblies Supplier focuses on automotive wiring harness layout, and outlines the precautions for automotive wiring harness layout.

First, the wiring harness fixing points are reasonably arranged, and the fixing is reliable

(1) According to the actual installation position of the wiring harness on the vehicle, in order to avoid the low hanging and displacement of the wiring harness, considering the weight of the wiring harness, the fixing method and the convenience of the fixing position, the wiring harness must have sufficient and reasonable fixing points and fixing methods. To be fixed.

(2) Set fixed points according to the direction of the wire harness and the specific shape of the vehicle body. The distance between the two fixed points is generally not greater than 300mm on a straight line without a fulcrum; one fixed point can be arranged at the obtuse corner; two fixed points must be arranged at the right corner Point; sharp corners avoid appearing in the harness.

(3) Choose the type and size of the fixed buckle according to the shape and outer diameter of the wire harness, and meet the needs of bearing the weight of the wire harness.

(4) At the location of the connector connected to other wiring harnesses and electrical components, a suitable location not greater than 120mm in front of the connector, consider setting a fixed point.

(5) Consider setting a fixed point on the main line where the fulcrum is located. The distance between the fixed point and the fulcrum is not more than 100mm.

(6) In the installation direction of the fixed buckle, there must be enough space to facilitate the installation and removal of the buckle.

Neat appearance and bundle configuration

(1) The layout of Automotive Wire Harness should be along the edges and grooves (the wiring grooves designed on the vehicle body) to avoid direct pressure on the wiring harness. The wiring harness must not be exposed in the cab; set a visible attraction point or a prominent color in the position where the wiring harness can be observed, such as the cabin area. The wiring harness installed here is not prominent and inconspicuous.

(2) Arrangement In the projection direction, arrange in a horizontal and vertical checkerboard style to avoid oblique arrangement.

(3) The gap with the pipeline is uniform, and the gap with surrounding parts is reasonable.

Automotive Wire Harness

In addition, there are many things that should be paid attention to during the processing of the wiring harness. Pay attention to the composition of the wiring harness, the wiring, and the processing of the connector:

1. Wire harness processing composition: The wire harness processing drawing on the car is actually a combination of many wire harnesses, mainly the main wire harness and the sub-harness. Therefore, the composition of each harness must be clearly identified on the drawing, because each harness will have several different branches, and each branch must be marked with how many wires, and the color and stripes of the wires .

2. Wiring signs and codes: Because the number of electrical appliances on the car is relatively large and complicated, in order to connect correctly, each different connection point must be clearly marked with the connection signs and codes. The main It is to facilitate convergence.

3. Length of wire harness processing: In fact, the length of wire harness processing also includes the total length of the entire wire harness, as well as the length of each branch and the length of the flying space between the two wire ends.

4. Connectors in wiring harness processing: Because wiring harnesses are composed of many different strips, connectors are required between wiring harnesses and wiring harnesses, between wiring harnesses and branches, between branches and appliances, so Be sure to mark several wires on each different connector, and where each connector is located in the connector. The most important thing is what the shape of the connector is. Pay special attention to the phase. The adjacent connectors are relatively simple to confuse.

The above are the precautions for the wiring harness layout of the car introduced by Wire Harness Manufacturer.