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Knowledge Of Material Selection For Wiring Harness Processing

2019/12/20 14:38:40

At present, there are thousands of domestic large and small wire processing companies, and the competition is fierce. In order to obtain competition capital, each harness company attaches great importance to the construction of hardware equipment, such as increasing research and development efforts on harness processing equipment. Together, the construction company's center competitiveness and corporate culture have formed its own unique cultural heritage. It plans and improves the corporate image, builds and improves the corporate development atmosphere, and expands and strengthens the soft and hard power of the company. He is active in the carrier of corporate culture, and has begun to establish a relatively complete set of advanced corporate culture system, which provides vitality for the sustainable development of the company.

The wire harness processing industry has been in development for more than 100 years. In the history of wire harness processing plants, human labor was the main, typical labor-intensive industry. With the continuous development of automation equipment, the current wire harness processing plants have begun to transform from labor-intensive industries to full-scale. In the automatic telephone industry, it was merged from the previous manual cutting, twisting, dipping, end pressure and other processes, and the automatic machine was automatically completed, which not only increased the power, but also continuously improved the product quality. However, with the continuous increase of production equipment, the order of Wire Harness Factory is also a key point to consider. Therefore, it follows the development of the era, continuous development of the era, and optimization of its own product habits.

In order to develop and complete the harness career, it is necessary to improve the level of the enterprise and the entire profession and adopt relevant solutions. If a wire harness manufacturing company wants to grow, it is necessary to solve the following problems first:

Automotive Wire Harness

Automotive Wire Harness

Wire harness companies should constantly innovate in technology and always regard innovation as the soul of their competitive power. Enterprises need to provide a complete set of solutions from technical support during the early development of the product, to product quality and cost control during production, and to later service and maintenance.

The harness profession should be further integrated and reorganized to make the planning structure reasonable. At present, there are thousands of domestic wiring harness manufacturers, and most of them lack advanced management systems, leading to confusion in the management of wiring harness occupations. Therefore, there is a need to strengthen communication with the profession and ensure that the integration of the harness profession is carried out in an orderly and reasonable manner.

In the knowledge of many customers, wiring harness processing is very simple and does not have much technical content. However, in the knowledge of a senior engineering technician, the wiring harness connector is a key component in the equipment. The performance and reliability of the equipment are often connected with the connection. There is a lot of connection between the harnesses. First, in terms of material selection.

Different application environmental conditions have different requirements for wires and connectors and even auxiliary materials, and the adaptability between different materials is also important. These must be carefully considered during the design phase. After the materials are selected, the manufacturing stage is also very important. Appropriate processing equipment, molds and processing techniques, testing equipment and testing methods are all necessary conditions to ensure the quality of the entire Automotive Wire Harness product.