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How To Place The Cable Beautifully?

How To Place The Cable Beautifully?

2020/06/04 18:43:29

Flat wire welding is a common process, which is usually applied to the connection of similar electronic products or digital products. Due to the cumbersome series of steps on the flat wire welding, the professional qualities of operators are required to be high. It is also reflected in practical life applications.

Everyone now knows that the current home decoration device is a problem that we are all concerned about, so generally everyone knows that many people will hide this wire for beauty, so as to avoid messy appearance everywhere. However, regarding the placement of the cable is a problem that all of us are concerned about, so how to place it is a good position? Today, Shenzhen Yidarong cable manufacturer will give you a brief introduction.

According to the provisions of the new standard, the cross-section of each house entry line should not be less than 10 square millimeters, so for ordinary households, 1.5 square millimeters of wire and 2.5 square millimeters of switches and sockets are sufficient for lamps and lanterns, and for the installation of air conditioners The lines of such high-power electrical appliances should be routed all the way to 4 square millimeters. For the entire line, the number of branch circuits should not be too small, generally it should be one way for lights, two ways for air conditioners, and three to four ways for sockets. Generally speaking, considering the beautiful decoration, the cable is slotted and buried in the wall. In the process of wiring, follow the principle of "hot wire into the switch, zero wire into the lamp head"; the socket wiring should be "left zero and right fire, the ground is on"; when connecting the wires, you can not simply use Insulating tape wraps the two wires together, be sure to brush tin at the knot and press it tightly with pliers to avoid line aging due to uneven electricity.

The above is all the articles about the beautiful way to place the electronic cable.