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How To Avoid Wiring Harness Failure?

How To Avoid Wiring Harness Failure?

2020/07/28 15:33:34

The wiring harness provides the overall service equipment for a certain load source group, such as trunk lines, switching devices, control systems, etc. The basic research content of traffic theory is to study the relationship between traffic volume, call loss and wiring harness capacity, therefore. Wire harness is an important basic concept in traffic theory.

Common faults of Automotive Wire Harness include: poor contact of connectors, short circuit between wires, open circuit, grounding, etc. We have learned from the Wire Harness Manufacturer that the causes are as follows:

Naturally damaged. The use of the wire bundle exceeds the service life, which causes the wire to age, the insulation layer is broken, and the mechanical strength is significantly reduced, causing short circuits, open circuits, grounding, etc. The wiring harness is damaged due to the failure of the electrical equipment. When the electrical equipment is overloaded, short-circuited, grounded, etc., the wiring harness may be damaged. Human failure. When assembling or repairing auto parts, metal objects crush the wire bundle and break the insulation layer of the wire bundle; the positive and negative leads of the battery are connected reversely; when the circuit is repaired, the wiring or cutting of the wire bundle can cause electrical The equipment is not working properly.

Automotive Wire Harness

Automotive Wire Harness

1. The Automotive Wire Harness should be fixed with clamps or wire clips to avoid looseness or wear. Check whether it is tightly fixed.

2. The wiring harness should not be pulled too tightly, especially at the corners. When bypassing sharp angles or passing through metal holes, use rubber sleeves to protect, otherwise it is easy to wear the wiring harness and cause a short circuit, and burn the wiring harness, causing a fire. Danger.

3. When connecting electrical appliances, it should be correctly connected according to the connector specifications, shape, wire color or the corresponding number of the conduit at the joint.

4. When using and installing the machine, check each connector correctly to avoid improper insertion and lead to wire burn.