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Engine External Harness Car

2019/12/13 13:57:29

Today, Wire Harness Factory will tell you about the importance of engine external wiring harness care. Will you ignore these issues after reading it? Let's take a look and hope it will help you.

As with human life, any wiring harness will be subject to aging. In addition to regular use of maintenance products, in daily vehicles we also need to frequently check whether there is oil leakage or water leakage in the cabin, and whether there is a poor contact in the engine harness plug. Only by developing good inspection habits and discovering problems in a timely manner can we truly protect the life of the wiring harness.

The hazards of line aging must not be underestimated. Line aging will not only affect the performance of the car, but also cause terrible spontaneous combustion of the car. The hot temperature makes the engine harness more prone to problems. The wires around the engine are prone to aging, cracking, and leakage due to high temperature for a long time; the circuit connectors are badly contacted due to long-term bumps, and it is easy to generate electric sparks after a short circuit, which will cause the engine to "self-ignite" in severe cases, causing irreparable consequences.

The engine harness maintenance can protect all the harnesses, connectors, switches, and fuses outside the engine, and form a protective film on the outside of the component, 100% insulation, to prevent the line from moisture, water, oxidation, leakage, prevent aging of the wire, and improve the harness's conductivity make your engine run more smoothly.

Professional car care experts suggest that it is necessary to regularly visit the professional car care center for engine line maintenance. Because when the owner finds that there is a problem with the line, due to the different models, replacing one can cost thousands of dollars, and as many as 10,000 yuan. If it is not replaced in time, it may cause greater safety risks. And regular maintenance can not only avoid the aging of the line and avoid hidden dangers of the car, but also save a lot of car owners a lot of high costs due to the aging of the line.

Common Automotive Wire Harness is generally composed of multiple strands of copper flexible wire inside, and its exterior is covered with plastic. How to maintain the engine harness? It's actually very simple, just use a harness protector regularly.

Automotive Wire Harness

Automotive Wire Harness

Harness protectors are very cheap on the market, and a bottle costs dozens of dollars. Its working principle is to form a protective film on the engine wire / battery connector and wiring harness surface to isolate moisture and prevent oxidation. Because the spray itself has the characteristics of high voltage resistance and insulation, it can also delay the aging and cracking of rubber and plastic pipe fittings in the cabin to prevent electrical leakage caused by aging. In addition, the sprayed protective film is not easy to stain, and it is easy to wipe to keep the cabin clean for a long time.

Engine wiring harness common failure analysis

Scorched, ablated, and ablated harnesses are the "most dangerous" failure mode of engine harnesses and can cause a car to burn in severe cases. There are many reasons that cause the engine harness to scorch and ablate. The analysis has the following five types.

1) Too close to the heat radiation source, causing the wiring harness to age quickly.

2) There is high temperature gas leakage around, and the ambient temperature of the wiring harness exceeds the temperature range that the material can withstand.

3) The environment is relatively closed, and there is less air convection. It mainly depends on radiation to dissipate heat, and the heat dissipation rate is slow.

4) The circuit load is overloaded, causing the wires to heat up violently and burn out the external insulation sleeve.

5) The wiring harness is not fixed and protected. Wiring harnesses are near heat sources such as engines, exhaust pipes, and water pipes. They are often burned or burnt due to the lack of wire harness clips, causing electrical equipment to malfunction.

The above is the car harness care introduced by the New Energy Car Wire Harness supplier. Hope to help you.