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Does The Wiring Harness Process Engineer Have A Future?

Does The Wiring Harness Process Engineer Have A Future?

2020/09/03 09:58:12

After having a certain amount of production experience, you can consider transferring to the wiring harness R&D department for development, which can enrich and improve the experience and skills in the professional field. Or, choose an automobile manufacturer and enter a large company to continue to be a process engineer. Here you face a bigger situation, more problems to be dealt with, and a wider range of contacts, and the treatment of OEMs is generally better than that of downstream suppliers. some.

But the prerequisite for the choice should be that you know what your characteristics are suitable for and whether you really like to continue to develop in this field. If you don’t like working in the automotive field at all, it’s time to consider your next stage of development. On the whole, we are still a major foundry country, but the actual local manufacturing level still has a lot of room for improvement.

At present, there are many factors restricting the development of manufacturing enterprises, such as those lacking core technology, organic processing equipment, and senior management capabilities. However, I feel that it is easy to overlook that the skills and professional quality of direct production personnel need to be improved! The current education mechanism cannot effectively solve the contradiction between supply and demand in the training of grassroots personnel.

Therefore, if you can accumulate enough experience in first-line production and first-line process engineers, entering a business consulting company to engage in consulting and training for manufacturing companies in the future is also a development direction to consider. All roads lead to Rome, but the key is to know where you are going!

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