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Causes Of Problems With Automotive Wiring Harnesses

Causes Of Problems With Automotive Wiring Harnesses

2020/01/04 11:49:08

With the increase in the number and frequency of cars, car failures are becoming more and more common. For professional maintenance personnel, how to quickly and accurately determine the failure and cause of car wiring harnesses, and then perform inspection and repair are also related to their own work efficiency and quality. Today, the OEM Wire Harness Supplier introduces the composition of automotive wiring harnesses and the factors that cause common failures, and hopes to provide reference for automotive wiring harness maintenance personnel.

The automobile wiring harness is the main body of the network of the automobile circuit. It is a cable used to connect various electrical and electronic equipment parts of the automobile. , Protective materials and other auxiliary materials together.

Automotive Wire Harness

Automotive Wire Harness

Common Automotive Wire Harness faults include: poor contact of connectors, short circuits, open circuits, grounding, etc. between cables. The reasons are as follows:

1. Natural factor

After long-term use of the wiring harness, the cable is aging, which causes the insulation layer to be damaged and the mechanical strength to be reduced. As a result, electrical cables, short circuits, open circuits, and ground faults are caused, causing burnout of the cables or electrical components. In addition, the terminals undergo oxidative deformation after a long period of use, which can cause contact failures to prevent electrical devices from working properly.

2. Electrical component failure

Electrical components may malfunction due to long-term use or other reasons, which may cause short circuits or ground faults in automobile wiring harnesses.

3. Human factors

During the installation or maintenance of the wiring harness, damage to the insulation layer of the wiring harness cable due to human factors, or the wiring harness is installed in the wrong position, or the wiring is not strictly performed according to the installation diagram, may cause damage to the automotive wiring harness. In addition, when troubleshooting the automobile wiring harness, failure to repair it in accordance with the wiring diagram, or cause problems of random connection, random cutting, and fuzzing, will easily lead to the failure of electrical components and automobile wiring harnesses.

Judgment of wiring harness failure

1. Wire harness burned

Wiring harness burnout accidents generally occur suddenly, and the burning speed of the wire harness after burning is also relatively fast. In these burned cables, there is usually no safety device. In the cable of the power system, once the burnout fault occurs, it usually burns to the grounding part, so the grounding part is to distinguish the cable damage and the complete intersection. If the wiring harness is burned all the way to the wiring of the electrical device, it proves that the electrical device has failed.

2. Short circuit, open circuit, and poor contact between the harness cables

The external impact and squeezing of the wire harness cable can easily cause damage to its insulation and protection layer, cause a short-circuit failure of the cable, cause the corresponding electrical device to lose control or the fuse to blow out. When judging this, you can remove the terminals or connectors that connect electrical devices or switches at both ends of the wiring harness, and use a special instrument such as a multimeter to detect the failure of the cable.

Once a car's electronic circuit fails, it is necessary to first determine the type of failure, and then remove the corresponding interior coverings of the wiring harness, etc., find the faulty electrical device and corresponding cables, switches, connectors or sensors, etc., and determine the fault click and repair.

With the rapid development of the automobile industry and the improvement of people's living standards, the number of private cars is increasing, and the safety performance of cars affects the quality of people's daily lives. The faults of automobile wiring harness including New Energy Car Wire Harness are one of the more common faults in automobile breakdown. For professional maintenance personnel, the quality of the automobile wiring harness itself and the correctness of the wiring connection should be controlled to ensure the safe driving of the car.