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Automotive Wiring Harness Requirements

2019/12/06 15:21:33

As cars become more and more popular, users' requirements for cars are getting higher and higher. In order to meet market demand, researchers continue to transform and optimize cars to make them more intelligent, which will inevitably use more wiring harnesses to control cars. This solves the intelligent improvement of the car, and also adds many new problems. It also poses new challenges to the Wire Harness Manufacturer, such as the complexity of the circuit, which reduces the reliability of the car and increases Difficulty in maintenance, aggravates the quality of the car and takes up a lot of space. Researchers have changed the dedicated line control from the first line to the first line multi-use system through research and development to achieve the limit of space saving and improve the overall efficiency of the system, and make full use of limited resources. It is this method that simplifies the number of wire harnesses, reduces the occupied space, improves the utilization rate, increases the reliability of the car, improves the intelligence of the car, and accelerates the development of car intelligence. The emergence of this approach has also put forward higher requirements on the wire harness, which has led to changes in the manufacture of wire harnesses and the manufacture of connectors. First of all, for the manufacture of wire harnesses, the selection of raw materials should be strictly controlled. In the corresponding industry or national standards, there are clear requirements for performance, but most performance indicators have different performance and requirements for wire harnesses. Researchers should analyze and study the wires of different materials, and compare the advantages and disadvantages of brother wires. According to the requirements of automobile performance, the corresponding wires are selected and used.

Electric Wire Harness

Electric Wire Harness

Secondly, under the condition that the performance and quality of raw materials and parts meet the requirements, in the manufacturing process of Automotive Wire Harness, the processing quality of each process and the control of physical quality must be strictly controlled. In order to adapt to the improvement of automobile intelligence and the change of wire harnesses, the selection of wire cross sections is crucial without changing the quality and space of the car. Determine the wire cross section based on the determined wire. The selection of the wire section is based on the voltage of the line, the change in ambient temperature, and the strength of the wire machinery. The selection of the wire section should consider the bearing capacity of the wire itself, and it must not exceed the value that the wire can bear, nor must it fail to exert the bearing capacity that the wire should have. For the purpose of pursuing the end result, overloading and carrying the electric wire will accelerate the aging of the electric wire, increase the probability of accidents, and reduce the safety of the car. Therefore, the determination of the wire section is a comprehensive choice made according to various requirements. A change in a value will cause the change of the wire or the wire section. Therefore, when selecting the wire and the wire section, the range of change of this value should be considered , Accurately calculate the small value and value of each value, and then select the appropriate wire after comparison, and then determine the wire section is the scientific method. The selection of automotive connectors is more rigorous. Connectors connect wires and various electronic equipment and parts, which is the key to the normal operation of the car. In the selection process of the connector, the material's own friction and wear resistance must be considered, coupled with the impact of harmful substances in the atmospheric environment and the impact of environmental factors on the contact surface. The choice is stricter.

Improving the level of automotive electronic equipment is an important prerequisite and an important step for the development of automobiles. As the connection and transmission of automotive wiring harnesses and automotive connectors, quality and technology must be developed more rapidly in the design and manufacturing process, and the state of lagging behind the development of Electric Wire Harness and the development of automobiles must be eliminated. Only in this way can it develop synchronously with automotive electronics.