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What Is The Production Process Of Automotive Wiring Harness?

What Is The Production Process Of Automotive Wiring Harness?

2019/10/21 17:10:18

As people's demands for comfort, economy, and safety continue to increase, the variety of electronic products on automobiles is also increasing, and the failure rate of wire harnesses of increasingly complex wire harnesses is correspondingly increased. This requires improving the reliability and durability of the wiring harness. Many people are interested in the process and production of automotive wiring harnesses. Here, Wire Harness Manufacturer makes a brief description of the knowledge of the automotive wiring harness process and production. It takes a few minutes to read and you can get an idea.

After the two-dimensional product drawing of the automobile wiring harness comes out, it is inseparable to arrange the production process of the wire harness, and the process is to serve the production. Therefore, we combine the production and process of the automobile wire harness to analyze together.

The first station for wire harness production is the open line process. The accuracy of the opening process is directly related to the entire production schedule. Once an error occurs, especially if the opening size is short, it will lead to rework of all the stations, which will take time and effort to affect production efficiency. Therefore, in the preparation of the opening process, it is necessary to reasonably determine the opening size and the size of the wire according to the requirements of the drawings.

The second station after the opening is the crimping process. Determine the crimping parameters according to the type of terminal required by the drawing, and make the crimping operation manual. For the special requirements, indicate and train the operator on the process documentation. For example, some wires need to pass through the sheath before they can be crimped. It needs to be pre-assembled and then returned from the pre-installed station and then crimped. Also, the puncture-type crimping uses a special crimping tool. The crimping method has good electrical contact properties.

New Energy Automotives Cable Assemblies

New Energy Automotives Cable Assemblies

Then there is the pre-installation process. Firstly, the pre-installation process operation manual should be prepared. In order to improve the assembly efficiency, the High Quality Electric Wire Harness must be equipped with a pre-installation station. The reasonableness of the pre-installation process directly affects the efficiency of the total assembly. The technical level of a craftsman is high. If the pre-installed part of the assembly is too small or the assembled wire path is unreasonable, the workload of the total assembly personnel will be increased, and the speed of the assembly line will be slowed down. Therefore, the process personnel should often stay on site to summarize.

The final step is the final assembly process. It can be programmed according to the product development department's assembly platen, design tooling equipment, material box size and all the assembly sheath and accessory numbers are attached to the material box to improve assembly efficiency. Compile the assembly content and requirements of each station, balance the entire assembly station to prevent a situation where the workload is too large and pull down the entire assembly line speed. In order to achieve a work station balance, the craftsman must be familiar with each operation and measure the working hours on site, and adjust the assembly process at any time.

In addition, the wire harness process also includes the preparation of material consumption quota schedules, working hours calculations, worker training, etc., because the technical content is not high, these will not be elaborated. All in all, the electronic technology content and quality of automotive wiring harnesses in the car has gradually become an important indicator for evaluating the performance of automobiles. Automobile manufacturers should pay special attention to the choice of wire harnesses, and it is also necessary to understand the process and production of automobile wiring harnesses.

The above is about the production process of automotive wiring harnesses, I hope to be helpful to everyone. If you have a need for automotive wiring harnesses, you can contact us. We are a company specializing in the production of automotive wiring harnesses. We can provide the highest quality New Energy Automotives Cable Assemblies and wiring harnesses for customers in various industries as well as motorcycles and electric vehicles. Believe our products will definitely satisfy you, welcome you to come.