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Custom Wire Harness Assemblies and Kitting Services

Wire harness Assemblies:  YiCai Can supply variable service to add value to your wire and cable, and also can participate in the work from designs to sample approval,We can total accept the production task and produce the wire harness products as the same as the approval sample.

Molded Assemblies: YiCai Electronic can make the molded connection as your special request after you provide full specification and drawing, We can make the molded  to your Wire or Cable Assemblies.

Custom Cable Cutting

YiCai offers kitting as a value-added service for our customers to streamline the manufacturing process. Traditionally, kitting refers to the grouping of parts and materials needed during the manufacturing process of a particular product into a kit which is issued together, under a single part number, to a manufacturing cell. By outsourcing your kitting needs, especially if they are associated with assemblies we’re already providing, the process is more efficient as it reduces production time and lowers inventory, resulting in an overall cost savings to your company.

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